I would manually copy calendar links to whatsapp web app, to remind my clients, now I don't do it anymore.

Jude Thorn - Freelancer


I don't know how I managed to get work done without RemindZee. This app is simple and powerful!

Roy Smith - Spa Owner


This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every small business owner's day to day operations flow.

Marsha Singer - Small Business Owner


Searching for a great sms reminder app was difficult but thankfully I found RemindZee.

Tim Shaw - Therapist


No more, no shows for my dance class. I remind them all using RemindZee!

Lindsay Spice - Dance Coach


  • Easy to Use

    Start sending reminders in less than two minutes.

  • Reliable

    Send reminder messages on the same time, and same template.

  • Simple

    Each option packaged in the app's menus is designed for simplicity.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Schedule your appointments, and meetings using the app!

  • Calendar Management

    Get a daily, weekly, and monthly view of your calendar

  • Rescheduling

    Allow clients to reschedule appointments.


Send appointment Reminders via sms texts

After you've created an appointment in the app you can start sending reminders as and when you feel like

Send Calendar invite and reminder on whatsapp

Simply create an event in remindzee. You will be able to create and send reminders from within the app. First create an event and then forward that message to the chat on WhatsApp.


How it Works

  • Create an event

    Simply create an event from within the app (Email reminders will be sent by Google as per your settings)

  • Connect your Google Calendar

    Auto Connect via Sign-in with Google. While installing the app, we ask permission to read and write your calendar on your behalf.

  • Ensure there are no No-shows

    To ensure there are no no-shows, go to the app, send the reminders manually via SMS/WhatsApp

Text Messages over Email

People check WhatsApp/SMS more often than mails.


All your data is stored on your mobile phone.


Start using RemindZee today and send text reminders

The calendar feature helps you schedule tasks

The calendar input function enables the user to setup training, meditation and relaxation sessions with ease. Just open the feature and start setting your time



Download RemindZee today to see the benefits and enjoy the results faster than any other app out there

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